Cozumel Charters


"WE HAD A BLAST. Weather was fantastic. The first 2 hours out we trolled without any luck, and then decided to reel them in and do some bottom fishing. As the last reel was coming in Douglas took a whopping hit. A large Mahi Mahi was fighting on the line. Douglas got him him and now we are really smiling. We started bottom fishing and wham, wham, wham...25 times with large Trigger fish. The boat captain kept us out about 2 hours longer because of the fishing and did not even charge us. My little Mexican teen age neighbor was with us, as was Tony Rome. She had never been on a boat or fished and she had a blast, in fact she pulled in 10 of the Trigger. We gave the crew 15 of them and took the rest for a party at my home and some to Tony's place. Last night Tony cooked up some of the Mahi Mahi and it was "to die for". With some Cerveza, Tequila, Dancing to Tony's singing, it was the end to a PERFECT day. Tonight we will share our fish with a BBQ and the company of our Mexican Neighbors and some amigos who are visiting the Island. Will definitely do it again when Douglas visits me in Cozumel this winter!" - Patricia from Cozumel Mexico

"We had a great day with your Captain and mate. My son landed a 50 lb wahoo + some barracuda. Thanks for a great day!" - Tim from Grand Rapids, Michigan

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