Cozumel Charters


"That was one of the best, if not THE best fishing trip I've ever been on!. The captain and deck hands were great! We talked to quite a few people the day before who had booked with other charters, and had no luck.  Fifteen minutes or so after leaving the marina, we had 2 fish on and a 200 lb. blue marlin before the end of the trip! This was in a half day charter! Who knows what would have happened in a whole day. Thanks for everything! - Mark from Longview, Texas

"We hooked up with over 40 fish and landed 30 of them! I broke off on three big fish, the captain said they were big sharks. And one time something took all of my line and then broke off. My body and arms are killing me! We had a great time and drank way too much tequila! We had a blast! We will use you again and recommend your company to any of our friends go down there for vacation! We had a fabulous time and the crew could not have been better!!!!!" - John from Houston, Texas

"My son and I did the 4 hour fishing trip out of Cozumel last week. Our guide, Ricardo, explained that the time of day wasn't right for bone and fly fishing and suggested fishing for yellow jack - he was right we landed 25-30 fish over the hours! Our friends weren't so lucky with bone fishing, landing none. Ricardo was great to fish with. Thanks!" - Mac from Lynchburg, VA

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