Cozumel Charters


"I was very happy with everything.  I took my family on this charter and the boat was very clean which made my wife happy.  The captain and crew were first rate which made me happy.  They even stopped trolling at my request to bottom fish so my 8 year old daughter could catch a fish.  They weren't set up for it but did their best.  Image jigging in 120+ feet of water with heavy tackler for 1 pound fish.  The crew made it happen and that 12 inch Coney fish was a huge trophy for my little girl.  As other boats passed us when we were fishing it was evident they hadn't caught as much as we did or anything.  We had a good crew and a good boat.  The hand (Luis??) got a little mad at me when I caught the turtle.  He thought we had on a smaller fish and couldn't understand why it was taking me so long to  get the turtle in.  It took about 20 min.  I was drenched with sweat. Finally when he saw what was hooked he laughed out loud.  They had never caught a turtle.  This was right after I caught the sailfish.  What a day!!!" - Chuck from Casenovia, Wisconsin

"Hi, I just wanted to say we had a great time fishing, the boat crew did a great job !!!!!!!!!!  I will return and recommend to friends and family!" - Tim from Warren, Ohio

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