Cozumel Charters


"Just wanted to let you know that we had a great time fishing in Cozumel!  We were out for 4 hours and caught about 9 or 10 trigger fish, which were great fighting fish. We lost about that same amount due to our inexperience, but once we got the hang of it and learned how to reel them in, it was great! The crew cleaned and filleted several for us and then took us to Margaritaville. One of the waiters was at the dock to help us out of the boat and to take our fish to the chef. He later came by our table to ask how we wanted our fish cooked. I had mine blackened; my husband had his grilled and one other person in our group had hers fried. I tasted them all and highly recommend the grilled. BTW the boat was rigged for both bottom fishing and deep sea (trolling), but because we were catching fish on the bottom, we opted not to troll. Truly, this was a great experience and we hope to do it again!" - Christy from Cobbtown, Georgia

"Wanted to give feedback on our trip today. The crew was great, the boat was fine. The fish didn't cooperate with us, but we caught a few. We all enjoyed snorkeling.  Everyone had a nice time. I would recommend your service to my friends!" - Phil and Lisa from Carmel, Indiana

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